Funke is an ex-basketball player and pharmacist by background. She set up WESIE with a vision to tap into the power of sports to effect community change by using it as a health and social empowerment tool.

She has organised several sporting events for young women whilst raising health awareness and conducting free health screens for them and their communities through her organisation, with the help of her partners, well-wishers and supporters. She has since realised the need to empower, enable and inspire coaches to become Great Coaches that transform their communities. This realisation inspired her to write a book ‘Truth About Great Coaching’ and develop a complementary course alongside it. The course is non- technical and in line with WESIE’s Sports Academy Vision. It is called ‘Maximising Your Coaching Impact’.

It is her hope that all sports coaches and personnel that use the platform and complete the first course in particular, go on to become Great Coaches or indeed Sports Personnel that transform their communities……

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Coaching Maximising Your Impact Through Coaching
Coaching Course Development
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