Course Overview

The course has been developed as part of a coaching empowerment programme for students, it is interactive in nature with tasks and end of module quizzes. It is a non- technical course that is focused on maximising the impact of the student regardless of what setting, place or level they coach at. It has been designed in alignment with the book ‘Truth About Great Coaching’. The course does not repeat what is in the book, and vice versa, hence the course must be completed and the book read in order for the student to get the most from the programme.

Course Descriptions


We start the course by giving an overview of WESIE, the course developer. In it we take the student through their vision and mission in order for them to put the course into better context and perspective. We discuss the organisations progress to date and what they’re about to set the scene for the course itself.


Module 1- Social Challenges, Conflict & Sports

In module 1, we discuss the link between social challenges, conflicts and sports. We’ve taken an interactive approach here as we recognise the uniqueness of different settings. Though social challenges and conflicts are constant across countries, every community is different with its own unique traditions and cultures, hence the module involves getting the student to reflect on issues within their own community and how they can effect change. We have chosen to use the Niger Delta in Nigeria as an illustrative case study here due to our experiences there and the uniqueness of the setting as though its known to be the source of much of Nigeria’s oil wealth (and sporting talent on a positive note!) it has unfortunately and continues to be plagued with some of the most challenging social issues and conflicts in Nigeria.

By the end of the module, the student should have developed an insight of how sports can be used to tackle some of the social challenges & conflicts in their community.


Module 2- Sports as a Public Health tool (I)

It is a well- known fact that sports and health are linked, however they do not always go hand in hand. In the first part of this topic, we use Drug Misuse to illustrate the ability sports has to be used as a public health tool. Again, we refer to some of the common drugs and concoctions being misused in some of the places that have hosted us in Nigeria. The fact is this is an issue that plagues many communities across the world, especially those ridden with poverty and social deprivation. Unfortunately, the relationship between most individuals and drugs of abuse often starts in the teenage years. Thus, we feel it is important to educate those in sports about what drug misuse as a whole entails. This module gives an overview of what drug misuse in sports and the community involves, how to recognise the signs and minimise the risks to those that partake in their sporting programmes.

Module 3- Tackling Drug Misuse

We discuss some of the solutions to issues pertaining to drug misuse within the community as well as how they can be mitigated. We also discuss what the student can do within their programme to help a community hence society overcome the consequences of drug misuse from an individual and wider societal perspective.


Module 4- Sports as a Public Health Tool (II)

In the second part of the topic, we discuss the contribution the student can make to improving the health and wellbeing of their programme participants and the wider community they operate in.

We briefly discuss the different elements of health i.e. physical, social & mental as it relates to sports and what the student can do to maintain the health and wellbeing of the participants in their programmes, and why it is important for them to get more involved.


Module 5- Social Empowerment

In this module we give the student an overview of what social empowerment entails from WESIE’s perspective. We discuss the possible outcomes of social empowerment and how the student may facilitate it within their environment. We also look at how the student can rise above any of the barriers they may face to enable them to empower themselves and their communities.


Module 6- Becoming a Great African Coach

Although the final module relates to the ‘African coach’ in particular, it is likely to be of benefit to any coach coaching in resource limited settings with limited infrastructure. WESIE, the course developer also believes that in a global world with global competitions and global movement, it is important for students to be aware of what succeeding as a coach in varied settings entails.

The module is based on a clinic delivered at a WESIE event by Coach Peter Ahmedu, one of Africa’s finest coaches who has coached with much success within Nigeria, Africa and internationally. A winner at both the national & international levels he provides a good insight into how to become a Great African Professional Coach.

What will you learn

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  • 15 Lessons
  • 01:51:21 Hours
  • INTRODUCTION00:11:03
  • Module 1 Quiz
  • DRUG ABUSE00:13:15
  • Module 2 Quiz
  • Module 3 Quiz
  • Module 5 Quiz
  • Module 6 Quiz

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student student - Wed, 04-Mar-2020

Ojobo Owoicho - Tue, 06-Jul-2021

Taking this course is one of the best decisions I made in 2021 It has improved my perception about coaching and has helped me to see ways through which I can improve myself and impact my community through coaching. If you're an intending coach, a new coach or an already made coach, you should take this course as it comes with much value and opportunities!

Tinuke Arowosafe - Thu, 14-Dec-2023

Up Wesie. Am so excited to be one of those that benefit from this great opportunity. Thank you Funke Adeniji for this course.

My first ever encounter officiating as a referee was at your invitation to Bayelsa last year. Having longed for this kind of opportunity since 2017, I must say that this was an awesome experience.


Without any connection in the basketball refereeing field, I could hardly make any headway in acquiring the needed skills and expertise. Thanks for carrying me along and making me feel alive. May God continually bless WESIE and give you the strength to keep doing exploits.


I am utterly grateful for the existence of your organisation. During one of my training sessions, I applied the knowledge gotten from this WESIE International Coaching Training to coach my players. I also educated them about Drug Abuse/Misuse. I could tell that their hearts were filled with joy.


I have come to find out that lots of these young athletes only hear about this topic (drugs of abuse), but don't understand the dangers of most of these drugs. My athletes and I are very grateful for the opportunity to learn about this.