The unique anatomy and physiology of females means that the health challenges encountered by females in sports are distinct and different to those encountered by male. It is important to recognise this fact as majority of female coaches are men and often manage the female player or athlete in a similar way to the male athlete, especially when it comes to health- related matters.

A selected few professional female athletes will have access to a team of health professionals to help mitigate some of these health challenges and issues, however the vast majority of female athletes don't.

This course has been written to ensure the Elite and Aspiring Elite female athlete understands how their anatomy, physiology and health, hence performances are connected. This will enable them to train regularly and perform consistently, injury free. Ultimately, this will enable them have a great and healthy career in sports....... 

What will you learn
  • About Female Health Challenges in Sports

  • How to Optimise Performance Through Optimising Health

  • About Female Specific Injuries

  • How to Minimise Injuries in the Female Athlete

  • How Female Hormones Influence Performance

  • About Female Mental Health in Sports

  • Female Athletes Over 15
  • Coaches of Female Athletes


  • 15 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Common Female Athlete Injuries
  • Dealing with Injuries
  • Introduction
  • Energy Intake & Energy Demand
  • Signs of RED-S
  • Dealing with RED-S
  • Introduction
  • Common Menstrual Challenges
  • Introduction
  • Mental & Social Health and Well-being
  • Improving Mental Health & Well-being
  • Medication & Supplements to Support Mental Health
  • Course References

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Victoria Mirabelle - Tue, 19-Oct-2021

I'm loving it ❤️✨

My first ever encounter officiating as a referee was at your invitation to Bayelsa last year. Having longed for this kind of opportunity since 2017, I must say that this was an awesome experience.


Without any connection in the basketball refereeing field, I could hardly make any headway in acquiring the needed skills and expertise. Thanks for carrying me along and making me feel alive. May God continually bless WESIE and give you the strength to keep doing exploits.


I am utterly grateful for the existence of your organisation. During one of my training sessions, I applied the knowledge gotten from this WESIE International Coaching Training to coach my players. I also educated them about Drug Abuse/Misuse. I could tell that their hearts were filled with joy.


I have come to find out that lots of these young athletes only hear about this topic (drugs of abuse), but don't understand the dangers of most of these drugs. My athletes and I are very grateful for the opportunity to learn about this.