This modular course builds on Maximising Your Impact Through Coaching and can be seen as Part 2 of the course. It is for all those hoping to move to the next level in their sporting journey. 

Although primary beneficiaries of the part one was coaches, many other sports personnel also completed the course to great effect. The course provider has noted this and thus, the sequel to the original course is much more inclusive and all those involved in sports will find this sequel extremely useful in moving to the next level in their 'sporting journey'- whether as a player, coach, technical official or programme lead. 

What will you learn
  • To Understand What Transition Means in the Sporting Context

  • To Understand Types of Transition in Sports

  • To Be Aware of the Barriers to Transition

  • To Learn How to Overcome the Barriers to Transition

  • To Understand the Concept of 'Excellence From Within' in Sports

  • To Understand the Importance of Individual & Collaborative Excellence

  • To Understand the Difference Between 'Individual & Collaborative' Excellence in Sports

  • To Be Aware of the Barriers to Achieving Excellence in Different Sporting Contexts

  • To Understand What a Centre or Programme of Excellence is

  • To Understand the Stages Involved in Building a Programme or Centre of Excellence

  • To be Aware of the Challenges Involved in Building Excellence

  • To Learn How to Overcome the Challenges Involved in Building Excellence

  • To Have Completed the 'Maximising Your Impact Through Coaching' Course (is strongly advised)
  • To be an Ex or Current Athlete Looking to Transition into Other Areas of Sportss e.g. coaching, officiating or programme lead
  • To be a Coach or Sports Personnel Looking to Move to the Next Level of Your Career
  • To be a Programme or Academy Lead


  • 7 Lessons
  • 03:23:59 Hours
  • Transition with Excellence @ the forefront00:26:00
  • Transitioning to the Next Level in Sports00:49:24
  • Creating Excellence from Within00:56:29
  • Defining an Excellent Programme00:23:35
  • Building Excellence00:26:22
  • Overcoming 'Building' Challenges00:22:09
  • Creating a Centre or Program of Excellence

About Instructor

Name : FE Adeniji
Reviews : 11 Reviews
Student : 136 Students
Courses : 11 Courses


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My first ever encounter officiating as a referee was at your invitation to Bayelsa last year. Having longed for this kind of opportunity since 2017, I must say that this was an awesome experience.


Without any connection in the basketball refereeing field, I could hardly make any headway in acquiring the needed skills and expertise. Thanks for carrying me along and making me feel alive. May God continually bless WESIE and give you the strength to keep doing exploits.


I am utterly grateful for the existence of your organisation. During one of my training sessions, I applied the knowledge gotten from this WESIE International Coaching Training to coach my players. I also educated them about Drug Abuse/Misuse. I could tell that their hearts were filled with joy.


I have come to find out that lots of these young athletes only hear about this topic (drugs of abuse), but don't understand the dangers of most of these drugs. My athletes and I are very grateful for the opportunity to learn about this.