About WESIE Sports Academy

About Us

WESIE Sports Academy was birthed out of WESIE’s (Women Elite Sports Empowerment Initiative’s) experiences of working with coaches in different African communities. We realised that there is an abundance of passion, talent and desire amongst the coaches we have worked with over the years.

Unfortunately, these important innate qualities aren’t enough to enable them to achieve their full potential. We believe with the right support every coach has the potential to be a Great Coach, regardless of where they may coach. Coaching is about building people and making a difference to individuals and their communities. The first course 'Maximising Impact Through Coaching' on the platform intends to serve as a foundation towards building coaches that will transform their communities.

However, we understand that it takes a community of people to win, thus the platform hopes to inspire, empower and educate entire communities through providing the right information and support to help people learn and grow with the ultimate aim of effecting change.