This course will enable the student to participate in, or run their own Outreach Programme successfully. The student is introduced to outreach as an essential essential health service, which can fill vital gaps in many health systems. This is especially so in low income and high risk settings. 


The course starts by giving an overview of what Health Outreach entails as well as stating the course aims and objectives. 

Section 2

This sections forms the foundation of the course. It is tasked based and designed to ensure the student has a solid understanding and grasp of what outreach is. It highlights the benefits of outreach with possible examples. It also uses a real life organisation to illustrate its value. Also discussed is the importance of Pharmacists getting involved in Outreach.

Section 3

This section lists and discusses the requirements of an Outreach activity. It discusses some of the challenges involved and the need to maintain good standards in line with professional practice. 

Section 4

This section talks about the processes involved with Outreach and the link with such processes and Clinical Governance. It is task based and also discusses screening based outreach programmes, infection control and how to actually select an outreach activity or programme.

Section 5

This section uses a real life example to illustrate the importance of analysing your programme or activity. It discusses programme analysis, a vital part of any outreach activity.

Section 6

The final section is tasked based. The student will be expected to draw on everything they've learnt from the previous sections to create a programme under supervision.

What will you learn
  • What Outreach Activities Involve

  • How to Organise an Outreach Activity

  • The Key Steps Involved in an Outreach Programme

  • To be Aware of Different Outreach Activities

  • How to Plan Effective Outreach Programmes

  • Pharmacy Students (Year 3 Upwards)
  • Pre-registration Pharmacists
  • Pharmacists
  • Person's Interested in Outreach Activities


  • 18 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction
  • Task 1!!!
  • Outreach Activities
  • WESIE Outreach Activities
  • Demographics
  • Requirements for Outreach Projects
  • Documents
  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Venue or Setting
  • Patient Confidentiality
  • Clinical Governance
  • The Screening Process
  • Choosing an Outreach Intervention
  • Infection Control
  • Analysis of Your Project
  • Planning an Outreach Activity
  • Course References

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My first ever encounter officiating as a referee was at your invitation to Bayelsa last year. Having longed for this kind of opportunity since 2017, I must say that this was an awesome experience.


Without any connection in the basketball refereeing field, I could hardly make any headway in acquiring the needed skills and expertise. Thanks for carrying me along and making me feel alive. May God continually bless WESIE and give you the strength to keep doing exploits.


I am utterly grateful for the existence of your organisation. During one of my training sessions, I applied the knowledge gotten from this WESIE International Coaching Training to coach my players. I also educated them about Drug Abuse/Misuse. I could tell that their hearts were filled with joy.


I have come to find out that lots of these young athletes only hear about this topic (drugs of abuse), but don't understand the dangers of most of these drugs. My athletes and I are very grateful for the opportunity to learn about this.