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After a long while since 2017 when I saw the limelight as a referee, my first ever encounter officiating was your invite to Bayelsa last year.


I really got passion for basketball (refereeing) because no one upfront(connect so-called)in the system I couldn't make advances to acquire experiences and learn more. You made me feel alive and not left out.God bless WESIE bless your hands with favors and strength to do exploits.


Good evening, am so so great for your wonderful organisation, your initiative to bring forth this WESIE International Coaching Training Am wholeheartedly grateful becos the knowledge I garnished from your training I used it yesterday on my players and today I educated them on everything about Drug Abuse / Misuse and you can see how their hearts where filled with joy


I have come to find out that lots of these young athletes only hear about this topic but don't really have clear knowledge that the most they may be involved in are dangerous, so from me and my athletes we are grateful